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We invite to the co-operation:

  • all businesses (concerns), in which productive process are made wastes which can be recycled

  • offices, departments and establishments in which productive process are made secondary row materials

  • business networks, supermarkets, stores which lead useless wraps to be recycled

  • firms specializing in municipal services, leading selective musters of wastes, subjecting legal process

  • all private persons and corporate bodies, which have a duty destroying of archival documentation or valid forms and publications;

  • forwarding and transport firms, which have vacant load to transport in European Community;

We guarantee:

  • receipt of waste from optional place in country;

  • exact weighing of waste in the area of plant by the electronic weight;

  • capability of free transport in case of big amount;

  • processing (remake) and recycling consistent with requirements and directives of European Union;

  • Exposure of required legally documents: card of transfer of waste, and also documents confirming recycling

  • In case of transport order execution of services on high level and in definite deadline;

  • Professional and solid service;

  • Advantageous prices;

  • Convenient conditions of payment